MCPM of Municipality

Realizing the importance and usefulness of Minimum Conditions & Performance Measure (MCPM) in assessing the capacity of local bodies in fiscal management, service delivery and thereby ascertain the block grant, this system has also been applied to measure the performance of Municipalities. Local Development Fund along with block grant shall be tied up with the result of their performance based on indicators of minimum conditions. It has been mandatory to fulfill the minimum conditions for measuring performance.

The Indicators of Minimum Conditions

Indicators of Minimum Conditions are as follows:

1.       Annual program and budget approval

2.       Annual progress review

3.       Quarterly and annual progress report

4.       Municipal account operation

5.       Tax and income source documentation

6.       Auditing and irregularities settlement

7.       Property Management

8.       Building construction and map approval

9.       Publication of income expenditure and tax rate

10.   Personal Management

Performance Measure

For measuring the performance of Municipalities, 31 indicators under 5 different components have been developed. Sectors No of Indicators Full Marks Minimum Marks to be obtained
1 Local Governance 8 20 8
2 Fiscal and Financial Resource Mobilization 10 26 10
3 Planning and Program Management 8 20 8
4 Organization and Human Resource Development 6 12 5
5 Urban Basic Service Management 8 22 9
  Total 40 100 40


Municipality MCPM Manual 2009

Unofficial Translation of Municipality MCPM Manual 2009